Theatre in the Park

Imagine a beautiful summer evening in Saskatoon. A neighbourhood park is buzzing with activity. Kids playing soccer; teenagers tossing a Frisbee; parents chatting and a group of senior citizens arriving with lawn chairs. Tonight is Theatre in the Park night. A whole corner of the park is transformed into a stage, as actors use the natural beauty of the park to tell their story. This idea is no longer in our imagination, this past July Sum Theatre brought an original adaption of Alice in Wonderland to parks across Saskatoon. The response was incredible. Over 4000 people joined Sum Theatre in their neighbourhoods for a fun evening of theatre.

Check out some of the press and feedback below:

Shaw TV

Fantastic video coverage of our 2013 Theatre in the Park production.

The Star Phoenix

“There’s something quite nice about walking or biking to a park, setting up a blanket and watching a play with a couple hundred strangers. It instantly becomes a community affair, not an individual experience, in that setting.” – Stephanie McKay in her review of our 2013 Theatre in the Park production.

“Every little pocket of our city has something to offer and we need to offer something back to them,” – Artistic Director Joel Bernbaum this great article by Stephanie McKay about our 2013 Theatre in the Park production.

Mom, I’m a Thespian

Check out this podcast where Artistic Director Joel Bernbaum “spins an enchanting web of ideas and plans and inspiration” about his project, Theatre in the Park.


“I believe in the power of theatre and the power of community and with theatre in the park you get the best of both worlds.” – Artistic Director Joel Bernbaum in this great Metro article about our 2013 Theatre in the park Production.

Summer of 2013 Sum Audience Feedback

“Took my sixteen-month-old grandson to the first show which, not surprisingly, was his first play ever. Great to have the opportunity to start him young. Thanks Sum Theatre!”

“I have family visiting from Toronto , and we went to opening night at AH Browne park ! And it was a great show ,we really really enjoyed it . It’s a good time for the whole family!”

“We had a great time and lots of laughs! Great job!”

“Awesome performance, well done, great laughs…..will definitely take my little girl again. Thanks Sum Theatre.”

“Congrats! A lovely show in a lovely place. Have a great run!”

“Our family went last night in Fairhaven and a great time was had by all. Ingenious costumes and a very funny adaptation of the play!”

“Alice in Wonderland at HS Sears Park last night was amazing! I didn’t know how you would do it live, but it was perfect!”

“Thank you for sharing your show in Fairhaven! Absolutely fantastic! Good luck with the rest do the shows!”

“Well done, Sum Theatre! I was at the show tonight and you did a fantastic job. Very creative, enjoyable, and fun. Thank you!”

“Congratulations on an amazing opening night!!! It was truly wonderful!”

“Fun free theatre in the parks – such a great idea!”


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